Folklabor Chicken? Chicken?
„The Slider in Advance” is an electronic folk music record by Philipp Mold, with Maria Augustin on vocals & flute. Here is the NEW teaser!
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Yes! Nerdy herdy, you can find them in my Spotify profile.

Reissued 8th of July!
2022 Remastered Version with Bonus Track
Cover foto of the new release.
  1. Roadtruckers
  2. Satellite
  3. Synthesizer
  4. Fields
  5. Sid & Flute I
  6. Unwetter
  7. Sid & Flute III
  8. Alles vergeht
  9. Fireplace
  10. Sid & Flute II
Video by Karo Szmit

„Roadtruckers” is counter-attacked by waiting rooms, in all their splendor.

Video poster displaying a waiting room.
Original CD

Released 2008 by Angelika K√∂hlermann. „Roadtruckers” on FM4 Soundselection.

CD back cover of the original release.
Release Concert

A song about a house in this live video. Watch out for Roland Space-Echo live action!

Foto of a Folklabor live performance.